The School of Life Foundation

The School of Life Foundation is committed to the social, moral and character development of youth. We donate our workbook, Learn To "School" Your Toughest Opponent, and accompanying training program to high schools. The book offers life-guiding principles and values to help youth achieve straight A's in the school of life.


More than one million youth drop out of school every year, around 7,000 a day, and the numbers are rising. The average cost to society and government for each young person not completing high school is $292,000.00. The School of Life Foundation is committed to assist in reversing this trend.

The root of the problem

Students start disengaging long before they get to high school but can still be helped at the high school level. The consequences of dropping out are severe – not just for individuals but for the larger society and economy. Dropouts never catch up with high school graduates on any measure. They are less likely to find work at all, and more likely to live in poverty, commit crimes, and suffer health problems. Major barriers these young people face which lead to leaving school are academic achievement and behavior/social skills.

Please help us help youth learn how to "school" their toughest opponent and achieve straight "A's" in the school of life. We need schools, families, businesses and communities to work together in addressing this challenge.